Imagine that. You just get out from your car, hungry as Hell’s Cerebrus as that F*cking traffic jam held you still just enough time (2 hours and 31 minutes in total but…whose counting…) to trigger my stomach’s transformation into the Grand Canyon(Except it’s empty) and then you see that beautiful warm,creamy,delicious(every delicious word you know) greeting you. I would have been a complete fool not to capture that but then I said…why not get a bit creative. I took my Nikon D5300 and attached the NIKKOR 50mm 1.8 and went near some leaves to try a through-shot and BOOOOMMMM!!!Voila. I wanted to attach the Ring Light to highlight the leaves, but I decided to let the leaves act like the vignette of the image.


So that’s it for today guys. If you liked it, press that like button,follow me if you want(that would be great though).Check out my Instagram or my 500px A/c as well,would be super great.  I am thinking of uploading some video tutorial about my edits. Leave down the comments about whether you’re interested and in what domain you would like me to do these.



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