These,my friends, are my very very VERY first photo shoot ever (along with a friend) of a model back in 2017.

I knew that with my Nikon D5300 and my NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5,(yes I repeat, a 3  freaking point 5 ) I would not stand any chance of having a good image or  good creamy milky, softy,…*whatever delicious words yo know* Depth of Field that I wanted due to the fact that the lens did not have a wide aperture enough to allow it.

But still, I wanted to take a shot (pun intended) with it, to gain experience mainly. Besides my friend asked me to come so I could not refuse such an opportunity of trying out some portraits and I thought it would be like a normal photo shoot of, for example, a landscape shot, where you just…shoot.

But things turned out worse than I thought as I had to shoot and interact with…A HUMAN!!!! THAT COMPLETELY WENT OUT OF MY MIND, ALTHOUGH SO OBVIOUS!!! The lack of planning the shoot and lack of psyching up my mindset to shoot portraits really hit me hard. But I kept calm and shot several shots and out of 200 photos(yes,200 f**king photos) only 3 came out pretty good.

The remaining ones was majorly blurred as my hands was shaking while i was shooting(I FREAKED OUT!!!! HENCE RESULTING IN SHAKY HANDS TO MAKE THINGS WORSE)

I really wished I had brought any kind of Ring Light  or any Softbox to ease things up, but as I previously told you…LACK OF PLANNING!!!

Nevertheless, I managed to get the required blur I wanted in Photoshop by faking blur. An easy but yet complicated process but I finally got my desired results.

So that’s it for today guys, a short story of my first photo shoot. If you liked it, press that like button,follow me if you want(that would be great though).Check out my Instagram or my 500px A/c as well,would be super great.  I am thinking of uploading some video tutorial about my edits. Leave down the comments about whether you’re interested and in what domain you would like me to do these.


Thank you.


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