Landscape Photography at Bois Cheri-Mauritius(Daamn it clouds!!!)

Now before we start, there is a short intro about my latest landscape photoshoot at the tea plantation found at Bois Cheri, Mauritius:

Upon setting for the site, I was pretty excited as the weather was perfect with a great sunshine and wonderful sky…that was DOPE!!! And even when I arrived the weather was still good.

But when the sun was about to set, one problem came in. See it for yourself below.


There was a huge stack of clouds(I don’t know if its called stack anyways…. just a word to give you an idea) and these started blocking the sunlight and I immediately know it:


I felt like returning home but I already took the engagement of coming on place and I told myself… I’ve got nothing to loose(except time and camera battery… but they were finally worth it) and I started shooting.

Then came another problem-the leading lines were almost invisible!!!!As I stated in my previous post, leading lines are super important and now there were none of them

And I was like:

The tea plantation had gone at a such an advanced stage that the little alleys disappeared!!!

I then tried to adapt and use the road as leading lines. I wasn’t too eager about that as the road was a bit dirty but I think it was a pretty good shot. See it below:



Then I decided to move a bit further to see if any better composition could be found and a few hundred metres ahead… I WAS MINDBLOWN!!!

The tea plantation found ahead was actually planted in a way where the “space” was actually visible. And I was… like Christopher Columbus discovering America… except that I discovered my leading lines… but I am pretty sure he got the same feeling as me.😅😅

So I started shooting. I took my D5300 with 18-55mm lens and started firing my shots one by one. The golden sunlight would have been the cherry on the cake but…you can’t control the weather… unless you’ve got contact number of Tornado from the X-men… but that’s not the case… So I took the following shots as shown below:

I had to actually fake a sunflare in photoshop to make these look golden.

Another thing I found regretful about that shooting is that… as I said it in my previous post, I always try to aim my leading lines towards the sun and here the leading lines were in an angle (relative to the sun) where I couldn’t have framed it even though the sun would have been present. For a sunrise shot the leading lines would have been perfect but for a not for a sunset. But the I think the photos still went out pretty good…

So here you are guys about my latest photoshoot. Tune on my instagram page @golden_sun_chaser for more photos or my 500px account and if you like the post, give it a little like and you may also follow me if you want😅😅. Also if you’ve got any issues you wanna discuss, any advices for me or any thing you wanna say, don’t hesitate, drop it in the comments below. In the mean time… stay safe and enjoy your life!! ✌️✌️✌️


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