How to improve your photography(Part 2)

Following my previous post , this one will include additional tips on how you can improve your photos from your camera/smartphone. So here we go:

1.Use a Tripod


Regardless of whether you are using a camera or smartphone( for which you can use the smaller version Tripod

or Phone tripods

) for photos, tripods are necessary for capturing long-exposure images especially for creating the ”mystical flow” as above. Also in certain situation like dawn or dusk it is difficult to capture a sharp image as the image may become blurry due to longer shutter speed required for capturing the image. By lowering your shutter speed in your camera(some smartphones have that ability too) to longer amount of time/long exposure, you will be able to properly expose these images but long exposure requires stable base and tripods are the best option due to its versatility in any environment. You don’t necessarily need to buy fancy rock sturdy stable tripods-a Lightweight Tripod

can also be useful.

2.Manually Add a Flare


You can add a lens flare on Photoshop to give your photo a warm look or to prompt your viewers’ eyes to a specific part of the photo. It’s better to add the flare in a corner or in addition to an existing flare in the photo to give it a more natural look.

3.Shoot at Sunrise/Sunset

DSC_0516-Pano as Smart 2Object-1

These time are generally termed as ”Golden Hour”.

As per this post, the type of light produced produced during the golden hour has less contrast, reducing the chances of losing parts of your subject in strong shadows or blown-out highlights. The warm glow adds a pleasing feel to the scene, and the long shadows help to pick out details, adding texture and depth to the image.

The problem with golden hour is that it’s very short, only 10-20 minutes(sometimes more), depending on the country and season you are. That’s why it is very important to reach your location some hours before the Golden Hour to be able to plan your shoot well. It is also adviced to use a Lens Hood

if you want to shoot directly in the morning/setting sun.

4.Shoot for the Light


Having some lights in the image can accentuate the image by creating more contrasting colors. Also, you can have special effects such as Bokeh or ”light piers” on water,like in the photo above.


5. Shoot in post-Golden Hour


This applies mainly to the golden hour at the sunset, when you enter the Twilight moment, which gives an awesome blue and orange color.

So here you have it-5 awesome, helpful and simple tips you can do to improve your photos. If you liked it,don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. All of the above pictures are taken and owned by me. Follow me on my 500px account or if you have any questions/suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments or contact me on my Facebook page.




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