The Guide to Big Arms

In this post we will tackle each section of the arm and I’m gonna give you some exercise and an awsome workout to maximise gains in your arms. There will be lots of supersets involved and if you’ re not a fan of supersets, well it’s time you try something new.



The Bicep is divided ito two parts:

Long Head

Usually Targeted when hands are close to each other or when bicep is placed on an elongated position. It’s the long head usually determines the pike of the biceps.

Exercise:Close Grip Cable Curl, Close Grip Barbell curl, Concentration Curl, Preacher Curl, Inclined Bench Curl (best)

Short Head

Targeted when hands are placed far apart. The short head determines the thickness of the muscle.

Exercises:Wide Grip Cable Bicep Curl(best), Wide Grip Bicep Barbell Curl



Targeted when the hands are in a neutral or reverse grip position.

Exercise: Hammer Curl*, Reverse Grip Curl, Cross-Body Curl

*Note: When doing the curl, at the top part of the rep (when your hands lifted the weights to the biceps), the dumbbell should be parallel to the ground, that is, horizontal. Make as if you are carrying a tray of glass and when at the end of the movement pronate your wrists for maximum stretch on the muscle.


The concept of training triceps is simple because every head of the triceps is attached to the elbow and any exercise that is going to extend the elbow will train the triceps, the only difference would be the impact on the heads.

The tricep consists of 3 heads:

Lateral Head

Trained when the hands are pronated inwards.

Exercise: Pronated Wrist Cable Pushdowns

Medial Head

Trained when the hands are supinated outwards

Exercise: Supinated Wrist Cable Pushdown

Long head(the biggest part of the arm)

Trained when the elbow is close to the side of your body and behind your lats. Also the long head is attached to your lats so some lats activation are required to train it.

Exercise: Tricep Pushaways, Tricep Extension on Bench*(best), Tricep Kickback

*Don’t do it like a simple skull crusher but rather like a pullover- place your arms at the back of your head or even a bit below the bench to start your rep so as to get better extension on the long head.


Front Shoulder(Anterior Deltoid)

The front muscle starts from the 3rd upper part of your clavicle(the bone above your chest) and ends up to the common ending point of the arm called deltoid tuberosity. So the muscle must contract in a way to cause the two ends come closest to each other.

Exercise: Front Raise with plate/barbell/dumbbell, Low Cable Pulley Front Raise(perform it more like a crossover style that focuses on your front delt), Front Raise on an Inclined Bench, Front Shoulder Press

Middle Shoulder(Medial Deltoid)

This starts from the acromium(that little bump on your shoulder) and ends in the same place as the front delts, and again contraction should make each end come close to each other.

Exercise:Side Raises, Shoulder/Arnold Press

Rear Shoulder(Posterior Deltoid)

This starts round the scapular in the back and ends in the same common point as the other shoulder parts and inorder to train it you have to perform movement that makes your arms go behind your body or where you can obtain some horizontal abduction for the rear delts.

Exercises:Crossover pulley Lateral Rear Raise , Dumbell reverse flyes , Face Pull(best)


The ARMAGEDDON workout would assemble almost all of the exercise above into a single workout. Personally I don’t like to train Biceps and Triceps too much as they are already being trained during Back and Chest Exercises. But if you want to dedicate a workout entirely to your arms and want to follow the workout I am going to give, be sure you don’t train back and chest the day before and after the workout, otherwise it may lead to overtraining.

THE ARMAGEDDON workout(3 Sets of 8-10 Reps each):

Shoulder Press

Face Pull Superset Pushaways

Inclined Bench Curl

Wide Grip Cable Biceps Curl

Pronated Rope Pushdowns Superset Hammer Curl

Supinated Rope Pushdown

Front Press Superset Close Grip Barbell Curl

An important thing to note is that this workout is a mass gaining workout and you should use moderately heavy weights to help you crank the 8-10 repetions, that is, use a weight that enables you to max out your sets and reach failure in a range of 8-10 reps. So ditch the ego, and do the workout the right way to increase muscle mass, even if it implies using light weights to achieve those 8-10 rep range.

So here you have it – a detailed breakdown of the arm and an awesome workout. If you have any suggestions/problems, drop a comment below. Otherwise feel free to contact me on my Facebook page.


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