How to make better life decisions.

Like my previous post, this one will deal with Finance domain, more precisely with specific management writers- Gerry Johnson & Kevan Scholes , who bought the concept of Cultural Web to help understanding of a culture in a company. For those who seem the above as alien language, let’s briefly what the Cultural Web is.


The model basically states that every major aspect of an organisation resolves around a MISSION/OBJECTIVE known as THE PARADIGM( honestly I find that word super grandiose). There is a diagram to illustrate that.


As you can see the Paradigm influences all the major aspects (control&power systems,stories to be remembered, structure…). Also it’s the Paradigm that decides of products to be manufactured/services to be provided, changes to be made, things to remain the same, etc…


Well in life, like every business has a Paradigm to dictate its cultures and behavior, you also have to have a ”Paradigm” .

Put alternatively, you should have a central and fixed objective around which decisions about your surrounding will be made. It can be anything- aspire to have a six-pack or to be a doctor, a laureate, to have a high salary job…. But the most important thing is that that paradigm should remain constant and once you decide your paradigm, you should keep focus on it and disregard the factors that keep you away from from achieving that objective.

For e.g, if aspiring to be a doctor requires you to ditch your social life that continuously makes you drift away from your dream, do it. On the other hand, if your paradigm is to be recognized in your country/state then you should engage in more social life and keep away most of introvert activities.

The important thing is that you stick to your paradigm and don’t drift away. And since there are so much restrictions and and determination involved, you must VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY SELECT YOUR PARADIGM because if you realize you’ve chosen the wrong one, you might regret the sacrifices made for the wrong objective and you may be filled with remorse.


Keeping a central objective will make you have a sense of control and order over your life.

If you have several objectives or dreams, analyse them and deep down inside you will realize that there is a single factor/thing/feeling hat is causing you to have all these objectives.

Taking myself as an example, I am passionate about fitness and photography and I considered both as my paradigm(which is a terrible blunder as there should only be one paradigm),and I eventually struggled in both as I did not know how to give myself 100% in both and I did not really know where I was going.. my life was a mess. But then I sat down and thought the reason, the real paradigm of my life and what is it, after which I realized all I wanted was recognition for my talents-to be seen as a model- both from fitness and photography side. Well obviously I have not yet achieved that and I really have a long…very long way to go, but one thing is sure is that I now know what I have to do and my life is no more a mess(only my bedroom is!!).

So… if you’ve got any views on the post, please don’t hesitate to let me know and if you’ve liked it, don’t hesitate to share it to your friends.


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