Calorie Burning Workout 5(Weight Lifting Version)

Unlike the Workout 3 and Workout 4, where these could have been performed at home with only a pair of Dumbbell( and some willpower to do them…yeah…sometimes I seriously need some), this one should be done at the gym, unless you have access to fully-equipped gym at home. The reason I’m saying that is that it will involve use of Barbells, Benches, Multiple Weights… thereby, justifying the need for the gym.

This workout is an Advanced Full-Body Workout as it will involve several supersets of Dumbbells with Barbells, unlike the last two others, which involved supersets of Dumbbell with Dumbbells. Moreover the intensity would be SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER for this workout due to more challenging exercises that being performed.

There are several aspects of the each supersets and set which I would like to enlighten you on and I’ll be referencing you with Notes(N1 , N2….)found after the workout. All supersets must be performed at a rep range of 8

-10 repetition ,that is, use weights that enables you to do minimum of 8 reps but at most 10 reps. The workout is as follows:

-Bench Press Superset Dumbell Row (N1)

-Inclined Press Superset V-Bar row (N2)

-Decline Press Superset Lats row on Cable Pulley Machine.

-Lats Pulldown Superset Triceps Kickback

-Shotgun Row Superset Front Raise to the ceiling (N3)

-Deadrow (N4)

-Mid back row Superset Triceps Extension

-Leg press Superset Deadlift (N5)

-Lunges Superset Military press(N6)


N1. There is a technique called antagonistic superset(opposite superset), which involves doing supersets of opposed muscles such as Triceps&Biceps or Quadriceps&Hamstrings, and in this case Back and Chest. The principle behind this technique is that it helps to recruit and retain more blood in that muscle part being trained and blood flow is a crucial factor for muscle growth. For instance , during that superset, majority of your body’s blood will stay around your chest and back, helping you for muscle growth. If you want to know further about antagonist superset, visit that page where a detailed post is available. For now, let’s keep it simple.

N2-Again like explained in N1 it will involve an opposite superset involving back and Biceps. Another point- the facts that you are resting 0 sec between the back and chest exercise and that you are performing a combo of COMPOUND LIFT will up your intensity and thus amount of Calories burned.

N3-That superset is more of a normal one instead of a special type of superset. The shotgun row will train the lats whereas the front raise to ceiling will train your Upper Traps. It is important for you to note that that front raise is very difficult to perform(it is for me). You can do it with a plate or with 2 dumbbells and I had to use lightweights to do the 8-10 reps.

N4-The Deadrow is not a superset but a HIGHLY INTENSE EXERCISE. It involves a COMBO(not superset) between DEADLIFT AND ROWING. It is not a commonly used exercise as many prefer doing these seperately but if you want to burn calories fast, do it.

N5-The antagonist superset now comes to your lower body. This can prove to be a bit challenging so I would advise you to go a bit lightweight at start before banging out the heavy weights.

N6– Now comes the cherry on the cake- the most challenging superset in this workout- SUPERSET OF LOWER BODY EXERCISE WITH UPPER BODY EXERCISE. This, unlike antagonist superset(which involves a higher degree of muscle growth than calorie burn) is a superset specially for maximum fat loss (the highest metabolic effect or energy expenditure).

As stated before that is an advanced level workout. So make sure you’ve got enough experience in weight lifting. If you feel the need to be assissted(which I highly recommend) during the workout, do it. Otherwise if you’ve got any suggestions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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