Calorie Burning Workout 2

This post will be a follow up of my previous one Calorie Burning Workout 1 and will still be about Tabata. One thing I forgot to mention is that you should download the Tabata Timer application. This is a specific timer for tabata availabe for Android and IOS users.

The workout is as follows:

Tabata 1-Burpee with Indian Pushup*

Rest 30s

Tabata 2-Fast feet with Skating Lunge

Rest 30s

Tabata 3- High knees with Spider Pushup*

There you go. Enjoy that one.

*Note:If you find these pushup too hard, try doing normal pushup or pushup from your knees for now. When you’ll become strong enough to to pushups at ease you can switch to those above then. Also if you wish to replace any of the pushup, you can do it, as long as it is a strength exercise.


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