Calorie Burning Workout-1

I’ m going to share with you one of my best workout programme that has helped me in getting into shape.

I am a great fan of the High Intensity Cadio Tabata workout because not only it involves interval training but also because it’s much more interesting and effecfive than steady cardio(speaking from personal experience).

So basically Tabata is a set of 4 minutes split into 20sec of workout followed by 10 sec of rest on a continous basis until four minutes or 8 round is complete, where one round equals the 20sec(work)-10sec(rest) combo.

There are 2 principle for Tabata to work:

  • High Intensity maintained throughout all of the 20s of work
  • Must be alternating between strength and cardio exercises

Based on that I’ve been doing several combinations that proved to be fruitful and I am going to give you one of my favourite Tabata Workout, which consists of 3 Tabata(8 rounds each) with 30 sec rest between each Tabata workout. So here it is:

Tabata 1-Burpee with Pushup

Rest 30sec

Tabata 2-Jumping squat with Twisting piston

Rest 30sec

Tabata 3-Rope jumping Close Grip Pushup

Hope you enjoy it. If you have any difficulties please ask.


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