Why ”bad” people are important in life

Well, I am new to WordPress and have recently stumbled on the Daily Prompt which I think is an excellent idea for bloggers who have come to an impasse. Now let’s talk about the theme:Creature.

Well, in your life, you’re going to come across people who do not have the same ideology ,personality, or mindset as you and very often these people can do harm to you, not in a physical way but by hurting you emotionally and psychologically. I’ve often portrayed(in my mind) these person as ”vile creatures”(I know its a bit extreme but…who would like to compliment such type of person). But what if I tell you that these people SHOULD have their place in your life?

Yes, indeed!! These people are important. In fact, they can sometimes prove to be more important than your friends. Why? Because in-order to deal with these people, you have to strengthen yourself, not necessarily in a physical way, but emotionally. In dealing with these person, you surely get hurt and fall down but as Rocky says it, It’s not about the number of times you fall down but rather the amount of times you fall down and get back up.

Dealing with those ”vile creatures” will make you become wiser, develop stronger character, strong potential of problem-solving and make you fearless person , which will help you, not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. If you let yourself down against these people, if you give up, you are missing an incredible opportunity to ”upgrade yourself as a human”

I have been realising that since I found a research on muscle building(yes.. I’m a fitness guy) about hypertrophy, which is the process of which muscles have to break down in order for it to become stronger, bigger and more endurant when it repairs itself. And guys… this is what that is my point – those ”vile creatures” will break you down and when you get back up, you become wiser and stronger. And if you see no end to your problem, do not worry, keep fighting and enduring because solutions always come and problems always end, after which you would find yourself to be a better person.

Hope that post helped.

via Daily Prompt: Creature


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