How to improve your photography

Well, I am a ”self-still-learning” photographer and experience in photography is limited but I’ve had some insights during this short lapse of time. A good photo should normally attract the eye of the viewer and make the latter wander/be mesmerised by it. Some of the following techniques may include the following:

1.Don’t forget the Foreground

Gris Gris

In some situation, foregrounds are way more interesting and beautiful than the sky, like the above photo, taken at the Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius. The sky was pretty normal whereas the foreground was MIND BLOWING!! In these situations, you should lay an undue focus on foreground instead trying to balance the foreground and sky.

2.Don’t forget the Sky


In contrast to No. 1, sometimes the sky can appear to be more interesting than foreground and I would suggest you, in these situations, to use the Rule of Thirds where 2/3 of your photo wold be concentrated upon the sky and one third on foreground. I would not recommend to give undue importance to sky where only for e.g 1/8 or 1/10 of your photo would consist of foreground. If you have a beautiful sky and want to have an attractive photo you should include at least(optimally)1/3 of the foreground due to the statement I’ve made before:”A good photo should normally make the eye of the viewer to wander…”

3.Leading lines are the KEY!!

The road, sugarcane front line, electricity pylon and the Horizon-all go in one direction. They lead the eye of the viewer to wander to a specific point.

Again coming to the part where where the eyes should be allowed to wander, leading lines have always played a crucial role, see the photo and its description above.

4.Play with Complementary Colours

Ultimate sea5
Orange Sun v/s Blue foreground

8Complementary colours are opposite colours and the basic ones are:

  • Blue v/s Orange
  • Yellow v/s Purple
  • Green v/s Red

You can find more detailed palettes about each colour’s complementary colour on plugins such as Colour Calculator or Adobe Colour CC where you would obtain the opposite colours easily so as to use them with ease in editing in Photoshop.

6.Emphasize on your leading lines


As stated above, Leading Lines play a crucial role and sometimes they are underexposed, thereby mitigating their magic. A solution for this problem is to slightly overexpose them RELATIVE to other aspects of the photo such that the leading lines to stand out.

7.Don’t be afraid to zoom in


Well, if you deem that there are several part of the photo that may not be aesthetic, remove them by cropping/zooming in.

Frankly speaking, I think there are more stuffs I’m missing, but hey… I’m just an amateur. Keep in touch with the blog or follow me on my 500px account for more tips or landscapes from the beautiul island of Mauritius.



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