How Accounting helped me to understand Karma.

Yes!!Accounting!! That boring(for some) ”technical” subject in which you have to debit/credit things , balancing accounts(although they never seem to balance out) and perform much more confusing reconciliations,etc has helped me in understanding one of the world’s most ”spiritual” concept. You wonder how? Well the answer is simple.

I am a Finance student (ACCA…but yet to be completed) and I’ve developed a certain level of  comfort with the accounting world. Having studied it at a higher levels and done it for more than 10 years I have noticed that every thing I learn in my courses in finance are applied in the actual course of life.

Discovering Karma


But the most astounding realisation I’ve made was that of the understanding of karma. You see,  the basic principle of accounting is that every debit entry has its corresponding credit entry. Put alternatively, for every thing that comes in, something must go out.E.g,if revenue came in, certain amount of stock must have been gone and reduced.

Now coming to karma, frankly speaking, not long ago, I did not believe in that  because I thought that not every good actions are being rewarded for and every bad actions are subject to punishment. And that, at that point of time, appeared to be true. I saw many people doing wrong but yet not being ”punished” and many people being good human beings not being ”rewarded” for.

But after repeating that basic accounting principle(described earlier) to myself for years, it finally dawned on me that I was totally wrong about karma. Like for EVERY DEBIT ENTRY THERE IS A CORRESPONDING CREDIT ENTRY , EVERY GOOD/BAD ACTIONS HAS ITS CORRESPONDING CONSEQUENCES. THE ONLY THING IS THAT IT MAY NOT ALWAYS BE TANGIBLE OR VISIBLE TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD .


I always thought that good actions should be rewarded financially or with fame… But the reality is that you may not always reap money/fame from them but you may also earn more RESPECT, SELF-RESPECT, EXPERIENCE, CONFIDENCEand the list goes on. You’re walking in the street and you see a musician performing on the street with a hat on the ground expecting some money for survival and you slip a Rs 50 note into it…you’re not gonna earn any money from that action nor any fame but that feeling of fulfilment that goes down your spinal cord when that person smiles at you and thanks you wholeheartedly for that action, is the damn reward!! With that single feeling you can gain confidence in yourself thinking that you’ve mattered today and helped someone in their life.

Likewise bad actions will eventually lead into consequences such as sadness, paranoia, low quality of life, bad health quality, no peace of mind and regret(and regret is a far worse punishment than being dead or poor).

For now I still don’t believe karma as being a ”spiritual or cosmic” concept that most people believe it to be today. I see it more close to Newton’s 3rd Law: Every actions has its equal and opposite reactions and I believe if people start seeing it that way, the world may become a little bit a better place to live.



  1. Every Debit Entry has its corresponding Credit Entry. Sometimes it does not tally….n we have to create a corresponding Suspense A/c or have to go to Reconciliation
    So every action has it own reaction either good or bad action
    Our action (Karma ) has it own corresponding credit entry as Destiny
    Your thoughts and actions is yoir Destiny.
    God has nothing in it….

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    1. Well suspense accounts are indeed opened upon unbalancing figures but they eventually reconcile each other. Likewise all your actions will have their consequence and some consequences may not come immediately but may come later. The lapse of time between the action and the consequecce to realise can be depicted by a suspense account in Accounts.


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